Barbara Delinsky

by George on June 14, 2012

Barbara Delinsky Uplift : Secrets from the Sisterhood of Breast Cancer Survivors Review A book as uplifting as the disease it discusses is tragic, Uplift is an inspiring collection of voices of breast cancer survivors. Barbara Delinsky, author of The Woman Next Door and other novels, and herself a survivor of breast cancer, presents […]

A Life Fast Forward – Alex Lewis

by George on June 14, 2012

A Life Fast Forward (from ) Diagnosed at 17 with bone cancer, Alex Lewis underwent intensive treatment but knew he wanted to cram as much life as possible into the time he had left. In three years he experienced what some people take a lifetime to achieve, including meeting and marrying the love of […]

I Will if you Will

by George on June 14, 2012

Last Will & Testament Wills seem to be in the news again or at least on BBC Radio 4 this morning. Curiously, writing wills is regulated in Scotland but not south of the border. Most people do not get round to writing one including quite a few solicitors, so there is a raft of rules […]