April 2013

“Earlier this year my wife died of cancer only a month after her sixtieth birthday; she faced her final days with an extraordinary combination of grace and courage.
One of her most inspired initiatives in dealing with her impending death was to contact George Emsden to assist in ensuring that her financial affairs were as well arranged as could be and that any moneys due to her were identified and acquired. “Assist” is, in fact, a wholly inadequate word to describe George’s activities as he led the operation from start to finish.
I would like to place on record that without the expertise and experience, persistence and professionalism, competence and compassion of George Emsden, I would have been in a very difficult position after my wife’s death and would have had to go into debt to meet the inevitable costs involved. Instead, I found myself solvent and able to deal with the financial demands of the situation without too much worry. Bereavement is bad enough; bereavement in the red is a good deal worse and it was entirely due to George Emsden that I was able to avoid that alternative.
I was – and remain- immensely grateful to George for all that he did and would recommend anyone who finds him or herself in a similar situation to that which faced us to contact him.”
David Wentworth-Sheilds.

June 2011 from Jim Tuffin via ecademy:

I would like to recommend George to anyone who has cancer or a serious illness and needs to look at ways to provide for the future, especially when their illness might be terminal. Like myself, George has experienced cancer and knows the issues that cancer victims face and the worry it brings regarding the future for them and their families.

George is an IFA who specialises in giving advice under these circumstances and offers help and encouragement to all who are affected by these serious illnesses


April 2011 from a lady in north London:

“…It’s great there are people like you who have the knowledge to inform people what they can get, who are not in good health and probably need all the help they can get in a very difficult time for them and their families.”

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